Aedine mitochondrial genome sequences

This section provides the user with a compilation of mtDNA sequences for some species of the Aedes genus, as submitted to the NCBI nucleic acid sequence database by different authors. Although the lists are updated regularly, some species may be absent at the time of your search.
You may click on a specific mitochondrial locus or on a species name to access a list of all available sequences.
Last update: August 2014 - 96 species / 3767 GenBank entries
Mitochondrial Genes List »
The clickable figure can also lead you directly to the respective gene (also found in the upper table). The map is a composite approximation for all anopheline mtDNAs and each line represents approximately 4000 base pairs. Turquoise: tRNA genes, dark blue: rDNA, red: other genes. The direction of transcription is indicated as from left to right (above the line) or from right to left (below the line).
Aedes species »
Aedes aegyptiAedes africanusAedes albocephalus
Aedes albolateralisAedes albolineatusAedes albopictus
Aedes albotaeniatusAedes annandaleiAedes assamensis
Aedes aureostriatus okinawanusAedes aureostriatus taiwanusAedes bahamensis
Aedes barraudiAedes bromeliaeAedes chrysolineatus
Aedes cinereusAedes cogilliAedes craggi
Aedes cretinusAedes daitensisAedes denderensis
Aedes desmotesAedes dybasiAedes elsiae
Aedes esoensisAedes fengiAedes flavopictus
Aedes flavopictus downsiAedes flavopictus miyaraiAedes formosensis
Aedes fumidusAedes furciferAedes galloisi
Aedes geniculatusAedes gilliAedes greenii
Aedes harveyiAedes hatoriiAedes hebrideus
Aedes helenaeAedes hensilliAedes iyengari
Aedes japonicusAedes japonicus amamiensisAedes japonicus japonicus
Aedes japonicus shintienensisAedes japonicus yaeyamensisAedes khazani
Aedes kleiniAedes koreicusAedes lineatopennis
Aedes longipalpisAedes luteocephalusAedes maehleri
Aedes malikuliAedes manhiAedes mediolineatus
Aedes metallicusAedes nipponicusAedes nishikawai
Aedes niveoidesAedes notoscriptusAedes novoniveus
Aedes omoriiAedes palauensisAedes pia
Aedes prominensAedes pseudalbopictusAedes pseudotaeniatus
Aedes riversiAedes rossicusAedes scutellaris
Aedes sp. 1 pkAedes sp. 2 pkAedes sp. 3 pk
Aedes sp. BOLD:AAA3748Aedes sp. BOLD:AAA3750Aedes sp. BOLD:AAA3751
Aedes sp. BOLD:AAB1098Aedes sp. BOLD:AAC9062Aedes sp. BOLD:AAF2904
Aedes sp. BOLD:AAT9839Aedes sp. EH-2009Aedes subalbopictus
Aedes subsimilisAedes tayloriAedes togoi
Aedes tonkinensisAedes unilineatusAedes vexans
Aedes vexans nipponiiAedes vexans nocturnusAedes vittatus
Aedes w-albusAedes wadaiAedes watasei