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RNA-Seq Experiment Dengue virus infections (Suzuki et al., 2017)
NameDengue virus infections (Suzuki et al., 2017)
SpeciesAedes aegypti
Experimental factorsDiseaseState:Time
Statistical testsANOVA
DescriptionAedes aegypti mosquitoes infected with the wild-type isolates of either DENV1 (KDH0030A) or DENV3 (GabonMDA2010) to study endogenous viral elements.
AuthorsSuzuki Y1, Frangeul L1, Dickson LB2, Blanc H1, Verdier Y3, Vinh J3, Lambrechts L2, Saleh MC4.
Affiliations1. Institut Pasteur, Viruses and RNA Interference Unit, CNRS Unité Mixte de Recherche 3569, Paris, France. 2. Institut Pasteur, Insect-Virus Interactions Group, Department of Genomes and Genetics, CNRS Unité de Recherche Associée 3012, Paris, France. 3. Spectrométrie de Masse Biologique et Protéomique, CNRS Unité de Service et de Recherche 3149, École Supérieure de Physique et de Chimie Industrielles Paris, Paris, France. 4. Institut Pasteur, Viruses and RNA Interference Unit, CNRS Unité Mixte de Recherche 3569, Paris, France
Accessions SRA: SRP134111
PubMed ID 28539440
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Genesets used
Geneset Description
Aedes aegypti AaegL5.1 transcripts LVP_AGWG strain AaegL5.1 geneset.

Sequencing Runs
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Name Samples
aaegypti_bak_den1_18hpi_r1.s1.e1.ampl aaegypti_bak_den1_18hpi_r1.s1
aaegypti_bak_den1_18hpi_r2.s1.e1.ampl aaegypti_bak_den1_18hpi_r2.s1
aaegypti_bak_den1_18hpi_r3.s1.e1.ampl aaegypti_bak_den1_18hpi_r3.s1
aaegypti_bak_den3_18hpi_r1.s1.e1.ampl aaegypti_bak_den3_18hpi_r1.s1
aaegypti_bak_den3_18hpi_r2.s1.e1.ampl aaegypti_bak_den3_18hpi_r2.s1
aaegypti_bak_den3_18hpi_r3.s1.e1.ampl aaegypti_bak_den3_18hpi_r3.s1
aagypti_bak_den1_24hpi_r1.s1.e1.ampl aagypti_bak_den1_24hpi_r1.s1
aagypti_bak_den1_24hpi_r2.s1.e1.ampl aagypti_bak_den1_24hpi_r2.s1
aagypti_bak_den1_24hpi_r3.s1.e1.ampl aagypti_bak_den1_24hpi_r3.s1
aaegypti_bak_den3_24hpi_r2.s1.e1.ampl aaegypti_bak_den3_24hpi_r2.s1
aaegypti_bak_den3_24hpi_r3.s1.e1.ampl aaegypti_bak_den3_24hpi_r3.s1
aaegypti_bak_den3_24hpi_r1.s1.e1.ampl aaegypti_bak_den3_24hpi_r1.s1
12 items found, displaying all items.