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RNA-Seq Experiment Blood meals infected with Dengue virus 1 (Raquin et al., 2017)
NameBlood meals infected with Dengue virus 1 (Raquin et al., 2017)
SpeciesAedes aegypti
Experimental factorsDiseaseState:Time
Statistical testsANOVA
DescriptionAedes aegypti mosquitoes were infected or uninfected with the Dengue virus 1 through blood meals, midguts extracted 24 and 96 hours post infection to investigate candidate host factors modulating DENV replication.
AuthorsRaquin V, Merkling SH, Gausson V, Moltini-Conclois I, Frangeul L, Varet H, Dillies MA5, Saleh MC, Lambrechts L
Affiliations1. Insect-Virus Interactions Group, Department of Genomes and Genetics, Institut Pasteur, Paris, France. 2. Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Unité de Recherche Associée 3012, Paris, France. 3. Viruses and RNA Interference Unit, Department of Virology, Institut Pasteur, Paris, France. 4. Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Unité Mixte de Recherche 3569, Paris, France. 5. Plate-forme Transcriptome & Epigenome, Biomics, Centre d'Innovation et Recherche Technologique (Citech), Institut Pasteur, Paris, France. 6. Hub Bioinformatique & Biostatistique, Centre de Bioinformatique, Biostatistique et Biologie Intégrative (C3BI), Institut Pasteur, Paris, France. 7. Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Unité de Services et de Recherches 3756, Institut Pasteur, Paris, France.
Accessions SRA: SRP134172
PubMed ID 29261661
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Genesets used
Geneset Description
Aedes aegypti AaegL5.1 transcripts LVP_AGWG strain AaegL5.1 geneset.

Sequencing Runs
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Name Samples
aaegypti_kpptn_ctrl_24hpi_c6.s1.e1.ampl aaegypti_kpptn_ctrl_24hpi_c6.s1
aaegypti_kpptn_ctrl_24hpi_c7.s1.e1.ampl aaegypti_kpptn_ctrl_24hpi_c7.s1
aaegypti_kpptn_ctrl_24hpi_c8.s1.e1.ampl aaegypti_kpptn_ctrl_24hpi_c8.s1
aaegypti_kpptn_ctrl_24hpi_c1.s1.e1.ampl aaegypti_kpptn_ctrl_24hpi_c1.s1
aaegypti_kpptn_ctrl_24hpi_c2.s1.e1.ampl aaegypti_kpptn_ctrl_24hpi_c2.s1
aaegypti_kpptn_ctrl_24hpi_c3.s1.e1.ampl aaegypti_kpptn_ctrl_24hpi_c3.s1
aaegypti_kpptn_ctrl_24hpi_c4.s1.e1.ampl aaegypti_kpptn_ctrl_24hpi_c4.s1
aaegypti_kpptn_ctrl_24hpi_c5.s1.e1.ampl aaegypti_kpptn_ctrl_24hpi_c5.s1
aaegypti_kpptn_den1_24hpi_c1.s1.e1.ampl aaegypti_kpptn_den1_24hpi_c1.s1
aaegypti_kpptn_den1_24hpi_c2.s1.e1.ampl aaegypti_kpptn_den1_24hpi_c2.s1
aaegypti_kpptn_den1_24hpi_c3.s1.e1.ampl aaegypti_kpptn_den1_24hpi_c3.s1
aaegypti_kpptn_den1_24hpi_c4.s1.e1.ampl aaegypti_kpptn_den1_24hpi_c4.s1
aaegypti_kpptn_den1_24hpi_c5.s1.e1.ampl aaegypti_kpptn_den1_24hpi_c5.s1
aaegypti_kpptn_den1_24hpi_c6.s1.e1.ampl aaegypti_kpptn_den1_24hpi_c6.s1
aaegypti_kpptn_den1_24hpi_c7.s1.e1.ampl aaegypti_kpptn_den1_24hpi_c7.s1
aaegypti_kpptn_den1_24hpi_c8.s1.e1.ampl aaegypti_kpptn_den1_24hpi_c8.s1
aaegypti_kpptn_den1_24hpi_c9.s1.e1.ampl aaegypti_kpptn_den1_24hpi_c9.s1
aaegypti_kpptn_den1_24hpi_c10.s1.e1.ampl aaegypti_kpptn_den1_24hpi_c10.s1
aaegypti_kpptn_den1_24hpi_c11.s1.e1.ampl aaegypti_kpptn_den1_24hpi_c11.s1
aaegypti_kpptn_den1_24hpi_c12.s1.e1.ampl aaegypti_kpptn_den1_24hpi_c12.s1
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