The Aedes aegypti LVP_AGWG strain genome sequence was produced at Rockefeller University by the Aedes aegypti Genome Working Group (AGWG). PacBio reads were assembled by FALCON-Unzip, scaffolded by Hi-C, and gap-filling and polishing performed by PBJ and arrow. The assembly presented here (AaegL5.0 June 2017) is chromosome level, and consists of 2,310 scaffolds, totalling 1.278 Gigabases, with a contig N50 of 11.8 Mb and supercontig N50 size of 409.8 Mb.

The assembly effectively supercedes the AaegL3 assembly, and is the supported assembly for VectorBase.

Genome Size (bp): 
Scaffold N50 (bp): 
409 777 670
Scaffold count: 
2 310
Release date: 
Thursday, June 22, 2017

Liverpool AGWG

The Aedes aegypti Liverpool AGWG (LVP_AGWG) strain was sequenced as part of the Aedes aegypti Genome Working Group (AGWG) effort to improve the existing Liverpool strain

Gene sets

24 Apr 2019
11 Dec 2017

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