Take a tour of VectorBase, or learn more about submitting and annotating data, using VectorBase tools, and other bioinformatics resources. Many tutorials include practice exercises (with answer keys) and sample files.

Title/Description Includes Last Update
Annotation of genomes at VectorBase

An introduction to the gene sets in VectorBase - how they are made and how to use them.

Tutorial Feb 2017
Available data types

An introduction to the data types available in VectorBase, and how to search and download them.

Practice Exercises
Sep 2017
Sample use cases

Use cases that combine the following tools: Search, Expression Browser, Genome Browser, BLAST, Galaxy, Comparative Genomics, Clustal, Hmmer, Apollo, Advanced Search, Population Biology (PopBio) and Variation data

Practice Exercises Jun 2019

Instructions for how to submit all the different types of data hosted in VectorBase.

Tutorial Oct 2017

Take a tour of the VectorBase interface, including navigation, search, and where to go for help.

Video Oct 2018

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